Container Storage

We like to cater for all customer requirements, whether for business or personal. We can offer 20ft Shipping Containers as an alternative to the traditional indoor storage.

We have them spray coated internally with an industry recognised Grafo Therm, which is an efficient thermal insulant. To reduce the effects of condensation in the container.


Containers are an ideal, inexpensive storage option for just £150.00 per month. 


You can decide to take out your own contents policy or we can endorse you on our policy, at a cost of £2.00 for every £1000 worth of goods per month. More Details.


Easy, drive straight up to the double opening doors. Access to containers is 24 / 7.

The Vitals Avondale Extras (included)
7 Day Access £1000 Contents Cover
24 Hour CCTV Padlock
Monitored Alarms Tea & Coffee
Trolleys Phone Charging
Disabled Access Dog Walking Trail
Customer WC Picnic Area
  Stunning Location